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Optimize, design,

give allure to your place


that's what we do best at

Wow Effect!

The image that a place reflects is very important.


It must quickly convince its audience, by its attraction, its ergonomics, its identity as much as the offer in itself.


Architect designer, we structure your sales areas and places open to the public.


"We make the message you want to convey consistent."


By optimizing the surface first, and then putting in place arrangements to improve your customer experience, your brand and your offerings are aligned and everything becomes clearer, more impactful.


Concretely, this requires an in-depth study of the layout of the place, its spatial characteristics as well as the particularities of the target audience. We help you get the most out of it!


Circulations, adapted furniture, graphic identity of the place are the main axes on which we act.


We work in all areas open to the public, shops (hotels, food stores, clothing, etc.), business showrooms, but also cultural venues.


If you want a Wow Effect, you've come to the right place!

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